"Arcomusical’s dedicated, enthusiastic music making was a delight to watch. Standing in a semicircle and performing without music, the ensemble demonstrated the kind of communication one might expect from a seasoned string quartet, as buoyant, effervescent Afro-Brazilian textures leapt forth from their instruments.” - Tim Sawyier, Chicago Classical Review

A R C O M U S I C A L is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to spread the joy of the Afro-Brazilian berimbau musical bow known through the development of an innovative, excellent musical repertoire. Arcomusical’s mission is supported by six pillars of activity:


In the Arcomusical mission resonate the recent words of the great congressmen and civil rights leader John Robert Lewis, quoting fellow civil rights pioneer Asa Philip Randolph:

“Maybe our forefathers and mothers all came to this great land in different ships, but we are all in the same boat now. We all live in the same house. The American house.”

Arcomusical stands with the rich diversity of perspective, thought, and culture that truly make America great. Although these bows come from around the world, their musical transformation is happening right here in the unique cultural crucible of the United States. For Arcomusical, this is American music.

Projeto Arcomusical (Gregory Beyer, Daniel Eastwood, Kyle Flens, Alexis C. Lamb, Ethan Martin, Raychel Taylor) is a world music sextet reimagining the Afro-Brazilian berimbau through a repertoire of unique, powerful concert chamber music. Projeto Arcomusical formed in 2013 specifically to interpret MeiaMeia, the collaborative composition cycle co-composed by ensemble members Gregory Beyer and Alexis C. Lamb. MeiaMeia became Arcomusical’s first album. It is released on Innova Recordings and available globally. Arcomusical’s second album Spinning in the Wheel is now available on National Sawdust Tracks, accompanied by an incredibly beautiful collection of videos produced by Four/Ten Media.

Arcomusical Brasil is the sister-ensemble of Projeto Arcomusical, based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The group formed in early 2016 as the result of an invitation Beyer received to perform at the first Bow Music Conference in Durban, South Africa. Thanks to a visiting professorship at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Beyer had already worked with this group of very talented musicians. In preparation for Africa, he organized these musicians, applied for and received governmental travel grant funding from Música Minas. The experience so galvanized the ensemble that they officially became a part of Arcomusical NFP shortly after the conference and now continue to compose, collaborate, and perform repertoire that is increasingly their own. Just as Projeto Arcomusical functions in the United States, Arcomusical Brasil is fulfilling the Arcomusical mission in Brazil.  Visit Arcomusical

Arcomusical at National Sawdust

Arcomusical at National Sawdust

Arcomusical at Deer Run SP

Arcomusical at Deer Run SP