Our Services


Bucklesweet is known for its success and sterling reputation in performing arts, as well as its breadth of experience across different industries such as luxury goods, national consumer shows, law firms, museums and cultural institutions, and restaurants. We’re proud of our diverse expertise; it’s a distinguishing attribute of Bucklesweet that has strengthened our team, enabling us to think creatively and strategically for clients across disciplines. Our diverse background makes us well equipped to quickly identify key messaging and concepts, frame compelling story ideas, and successfully work with journalists to yield concrete, proven results.

Through her years of working in music, performing arts and entertainment, Bucklesweet principal Amanda Sweet has built an arsenal of contacts and strategies to craft customized, 360º campaigns unique to each client, adapting and adjusting along the way as projects evolve over time.

We amplify your message to reach not only media gatekeepers, but real people—patrons, ticket-buyers, community leaders, ardent supporters, and new audiences.


Media Relations

We work with clients to develop overall strategic media plans and are nimble enough to pitch key stories as opportunities unfold. By working hand-in-hand with marketing departments, agents, record labels, and other key members of a client’s team to ensure correct messaging, we are able to have a unified voice in a crowded marketplace. Since the beginning of Bucklesweet, we have prided ourselves on pursuing prime placements with arts media, but not at the expense of looking outside the A&E pages to expand our reach, enhance our audience, and leverage every story angle possible. We invest the time to know our clients’ craft and uncover their unique stories. We also look for unique opportunities to have our clients be a part of topical news stories—aligning our clients with social movements, positioning artists as activists, capitalizing on food trends, and connecting our clients to national events and conversations.

Tour Promotion

By working with presenters, venues, local performing arts schools and regional media, we have successfully launched and overseen hundreds of tours for our clients. In markets large and small across nearly all 50 states, plus Europe and Australia, Bucklesweet has worked with local journalists in print, radio, television, and online media to generate positive attention for our clients and build an impressive rolodex of contacts in tour markets across the world. Journalists have praised Bucklesweet’s team for its professionalism, generosity, and tenacity, and we strive to maintain this reputation with each tour that we work.

Meaningful Connections

As a connector, Bucklesweet helps our clients enhance their network through introductions to key colleagues, influencers, and institutions that can enhance their brand and expose our clients to larger audiences.

Content Creation

Bucklesweet also seeks out opportunities to create or leverage existing content and find ways to amplify it in the marketplace. The team at Bucklesweet is adept at capturing a client’s individual voice in ghostwritten articles and opinion pieces, whether it be a heartfelt testimony about struggling with mental illness, a patron greeting from an Oscar-winning actress, or recounting an immersive music festival. We’re also comfortable coaching clients through the process of composing content and will work diligently to hone and refine it with them. 

Social Media

Bucklesweet believes in the power of social media to add our clients’ voices to the conversation, to amplify traditional media coverage and to expand the audiences of our clients. We view social as an additive community that coalesces around shared interests. As such, we explore partnerships and collaborations with a broad range of entities that can help share messages with new audiences—sometimes exponentially larger than our clients’ existing followings.

We excel at generating new material for brand engagement: video production and editing; audio recordings; short and long-form blog writing; photography, image editing and graphic design. We also understand what drives traffic and can report on and optimize for actionable posts.